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......@@ -43,10 +43,20 @@ Setting the state to 3 would hide the article, but allow comments to it.
### Slug
This is where you can reach your article by. For example, if you wrote "example-1",
you can call to see the details view of it.
you can call to see the details view of it.
If you call a slug which does not exist, you will receive a 404 error message.
### Login
In the upper right is a login button. You can use the superuser login:
* Login: admin
* Password: blog1234
You can create new users in the admin panel. If the user gets the attribute "Staff / Mitarbeiter-Status"
the user can login in the admin panel (there will be also a link to the admin panel in the nav bar).
Blogs with status "Blog nur für User" and "Blog nur für User mit Kommentar" are only accessible from logged in users.
## Setup
### Prepare system
Load these requirements by
......@@ -64,6 +74,8 @@ Load these requirements by
* zipp==3.1.0
* django-ckeditor==5.9.0
You can also use the requirements.txt in the repository.
**Hint**: We installed the basic project enviorment by PyCharm using a Django project as default.
After that, only these components needs to be loaded:
* django-bootstrap4==2.0.1
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