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......@@ -14,4 +14,6 @@ build:
- docker build -t $IMAGE_TAG .
- docker push $IMAGE_TAG
- docker build -t $IMAGE_TAG-mm -f Dockerfile-MM .
- docker push $IMAGE_TAG-mm
FROM google/dart:2.2 AS builder
ENV PATH="${PATH}:/root/.pub-cache/bin"
RUN pub global activate webdev
COPY ./middleman/ /app/
RUN pub get
ENTRYPOINT ["pub", "run", "aqueduct:aqueduct", "serve", "--port", "81"]
import 'dart:html';
import 'package:angular/angular.dart';
import 'package:angular_router/angular_router.dart';
import 'package:demo/src/view/main_component.template.dart' as ng;
......@@ -16,6 +18,6 @@ import 'main.template.dart' as self;
const InjectorFactory injector = self.injector$Injector;
void main() {
final String host = Platform.environment('MY_ENVIROMENT') as String;
runApp(ng.AppComponentNgFactory, createInjector: injector);
host: localhost
port: 5432
username: cal_user
password: password
databaseName: cal
\ No newline at end of file
databaseName: cal
\ No newline at end of file
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