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......@@ -178,10 +178,8 @@ terminate:
name: $KUBECTL
entrypoint: [""]
- sed -i "s/{{ GITLAB_USER_ID }}/$GITLAB_USER_ID/g" "deploy/ingress/$TASK.yaml"
- sed -i "s+{{ CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE }}+$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE+g" deploy/prime/prime-deployment.yaml
- sed -i "s+{{ CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE }}+$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE+g" deploy/wurzel/wurzel-deployment.yaml
- sed -i "s/{{ GITLAB_USER_ID }}/$GITLAB_USER_ID/g" deploy/ingress/"$TASK"2.yaml
- sed -i "s+{{ CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE }}+$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE+g" deploy/wurzel2/wurzel-deployment2.yaml
- kubectl delete -f deploy/ingress || true
- kubectl delete -f deploy/prime || true
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