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Ultrasonic Multipath Propagation Model
- Model is given as Matlab class in file: ./forward_model/us_mp_model.m
- Usage:
%% gen model with properties
us_mp_mdl = us_mp_model(6e-2, ... %d1
6e-2, ... %d2
6e-3, ... %b
90e3, ... %f_low
150e3, ... %f_high
92.71e-6, ... %T_pulse
13.5e-2, ... % d_refl
0.15); % R
d_los = 0:2e-4:12e-2;
for idx = 1:length(d_los)
[f, y] = us_mp_mdl.get_rx_db(d_los(idx));
plot(f, y);
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