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Repo for MATLAB-Code used on a RedPitaya device.
Basic functionalities provided to access the RedPitaya via MQTT.
A oscilloscope and a signalgenerator are implemented via MQTT.
1. lib folder
The "" contains MQTT-functions to send messages understood by a python library.
And "mqtt_py_matlab.m" contains MQTT-functions used in MATLAB.
1. redpitaya folder:
Contains classes to store the structure of the oscilloscope signalgenerator.
The "OscilloscopeProperties" class stores all values needed to control the oscilloscope.
The "SigGenProperties" class stores general values to generate waveforms.
Each waveform has a own class to store specific info.
The general values are inherited by the "SigGenProperties" class
2. Example folder:
Contains "test_mqtt_py.m" to explain basic mqtt transmissions.
1. redpitaya folder:
Collection of redpitaya specific examples.
The "analog_read_slow_example.m" explaines the usage of the external pin header to analoge read by ADC.
The "Oscilloscope_example.m" show how the "OscilloscopeProperties" class is applied on a RedPitaya.
The "SignalGenerator_example.m" show how the "SigGenProperties" class is applied on a RedPitaya.
2. py_venv folder:
Virtual Python3 environment. Not commited to the main branch.
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