Commit fcc4d3db authored by Nane Kratzke's avatar Nane Kratzke
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operation name

parent 893b71ee
......@@ -34,8 +34,9 @@ def hip():
parent_span = tracer.get_span(request) if "X-B3-Traceid" in request.headers else tracer.get_span()
with opentracing.tracer.start_span(f"{service}-{tier + 1}", child_of=parent_span) as span:
url = f"http://{service}-{tier + 1}"
url = f"http://{service}-{tier + 1}/hip"
with opentracing.tracer.start_span(operation_name=url, child_of=parent_span) as span:
span.set_tag("http.url", url)
r = requests.get(url)
span.set_tag("http.status_code", r.status_code)
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