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Implement small wizard to test the functionality.

parent 6a715414
from email.message import EmailMessage
from pprint import pprint
from app.mail import Mail
from app.mail_provider import MailProvider
from app.user import User
from app.utils import get_mail_formatted_date, subject_identifier
mail_providers = dict(
base_url="", imap_url="", smtp_url="", smtp_port=587
def create_user() -> User:
print("Create a login")
mail = input("Type here the mail address: ")
password = input("Type here the password to the mail address: ")
return User(mail=mail, password=password)
def create_receiver() -> User:
print("Create a user to receive the email")
mail = input("Type here the receiver mail address: ")
return User(mail=mail, password="")
def create_mail(from_user: User, to: User) -> Mail:
print("Create the a mail.")
date = get_mail_formatted_date()
subject = input("Type here your subject: ")
body = input("Type here your message: ")
return Mail(
subject=f"{subject} - {subject_identifier}",
def create_mail_message(mail: Mail) -> EmailMessage:
msg = EmailMessage()
msg["Date"] =
msg["Subject"] = mail.subject
msg["From"] = mail.mail_from
msg["To"] = mail.mail_to
msg["CC"] =
return msg
def send_mail():
print("Send a mail.")
from_user = create_user()
to = create_receiver()
message = create_mail(from_user, to)
if mail_providers.get("webde").send_mail(from_user, to, create_mail_message(message)):
print("The email was send successfully!")
print("Failed to send the email!")
def get_relevant_mails():
user = create_user()
mailbox = input("Type here the mailbox, in which you want to search: ")
mails = mail_providers.get("webde").search_relevant_mails(user, mailbox)
if __name__ == "__main__":
select = input("Type send to 'send' a mail or 'get' to show relevant mails: ")
if select == "send":
elif select == "get":
print("You should type 'send' or 'get'! Try it again.")
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