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Added gcovr again to buildprocess. Also added cppcheck to ci

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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ debian_test:
- cd build/Debug
- ctest -E pluginval
#- gcovr --fail-under-line 80 -s -e '.*/deps/.*$' -e '.*(CMake|(T|t)tl|string_view).*$' --exclude-directories "test/|examples/|deps/" -r $(pwd)/../.. $(pwd)
- cppcheck -q --enable=warning,style,performance,portability --error-exitcode=1 --std=c++14 --language=c++ --project=compile_commands.json -ideps/
- cppcheck --enable=warning,style,performance,portability --error-exitcode=1 -q --std=c++14 --language=c++ --suppress=*:*deps/* --project=compile_commands.json
- gcovr --fail-under-line 80 -s -e '.*/deps/.*$' -e '.*(CMake|(T|t)tl|string_view).*$' --exclude-directories "test/|examples/|deps/" -r $(pwd)/../.. $(pwd)
#docker-test-linux-x64 :
# image: dockcross/linux-x64
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